Good tutorials on adjusting PRS saddle heights and string radius


New Member
Apr 7, 2023
Can anyone point me in a good direction for adjusting the saddle heights on PRS vibrato "tremolo" bridges (any good tutorials / Youtube videos you recommend)? I want to lower my action on the Low E and High E to about 5/64 and 3/64 respectively, but want to see the appropriate way to adjust all the saddles after doing that as well as whether should be done with the strings de-tuned a bit (so it's not under tension). A lot of the videos I've found don't really show how to do the full setup and just show what to measure etc. Also, is there a strategy for how much to turn each hex screw on each side, i.e. should you do a quarter turn and then go to the other side of the saddle and do a quarter turn as there are 2 Allen/hex screws per saddle?