Amazon Rosewood


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Apr 27, 2012
Cincinnati, OH
Hello all,
Since I was lucky enough to score a RIGHTEOUS Emerald Green NOS Modern Eagle, I've been obsessed (once again) with Brazilian Rosewood. If you aren't familiar, the BRW we all know and love is technically known as Dalbergia Nigra. I'm sure you all have been reading about the CITES treaty, and the difficulty all manufacturers ate having coming up with documentation for their BRW. Well, it just so happens that there is another tree that the US Forest Service says is indistinguishable from BRW. It's Amazon Rosewood, or Dalbergia Spruceana. Martin has used it on guitars, and the reports are that it sounds very, very close to BRW. It typically comes from smaller trees, so the larger ones (guitar sizes) are a bit pricey. But, ARW is NOT regulated by CITES. So, while it may be expensive, IT IS AVAILABLE! I thought you all might find this helpful...or at least interesting. :)