The three guitar experiment


Zombie Three, DFZ
Apr 26, 2012
GTA or wandering aimlessly
First of all, I have no near term plans to live with three guitars, so Viola, the Westie, Blondie and friends are sticking around. No need to raid the piggy bank.

But a little part of the future 87 year old me wonders what it would be like. If it would even be possible. So...this month I’m living with three guitars:

My classical: Brazilian Rosewood, cedar, mahogany and ebony as put together by Grit Laskin. It’s my most played guitar by a large margin, in part because it is my only classical (daughters have the others I’ve bought)

Flo: mahogany, Engleman spruce with Adirondack bracing, ebony board. A custom Taylor I liberated before the trade show it was built for.

Viola: violin sounded to masculine for such a sexy guitar, so we named it viola. Though it does have bigger balls than just about anything in the house...but it’s to late to change now.

I may or may not provide interim reports. The Tour is on, so there’s lots of bike riding to do.
Do you mean three guitars on a gig? Sergio, please straighten this man out. I’ll have three when the world is flat (ignore Kyrie Irving.)
Three to play for the month. I still have more, and will continue to have more until I can’t stay in my house any more.
Uhhh… I dunno, three guitars sounds just about perfect if they’re: West Street, KL33, and a Santana.
...but I haven’t found a nylon version of any of those.
I have a different version of this three guitar experiment. I keep all of my guitars but I only have three guitar stands, so there are always three guitars out at any time.
My primary dealer gave me 10 stands to make sure I had someplace to put new guitars.
I sold most of my gear awhile ago. All I have left is a Les Paul, Telecaster and a McCarty. I’m also down to one amp and cab (Mesa Triple Crown and Recto 2x12 i anyone cares).

I actually tried to get rid of the McCarty and go down to two guitars, but the McCarty is such a good gigging guitar since I can get close enough to LP and Tele with just the one guitar and no need to swap guitars to do it.… plus all the tuning, ergonomic and intonation benefits that come with a PRS.
I've gotten down to one electric, one acoustic, and one amp MANY times over the last 30 years. I like to limit my options from time to time.

But history has shown that I've bought the same models over and over when I've felt the urge to have more than one.

At some point I said to myself, "Self, you need to stop doing this. If you want to play one guitar and one amp, do it, but keep the rest just in case you change your mind."

Sometimes I even buy into my own advice. Other times...not. ;)