About to buy a used custom 24


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Sep 18, 2022
It’s from 2013 in Boyd burst finish, a beautiful guitar that I am beyond excited to own (next week).

Judging from photos, it’s in great shape other than a finish chip on the side of the neck near the fretboard. I’m thinking about sending it in to the PTC for repair, but wanted to see if y’all think it’s worth it.
However, the disclaimer when I created my account asked me not to post links until I have posted three times to combat spam.
Yeah, that was an embarrassingly horrible failure. Any recommendations on image hosting for links? When I clicked the photo button and pasted my link, it created the post with an error message
Yeah, I knew “chip” was a bit of an understatement. That’s the only blemish, otherwise perfect except for the standard scratching you would expect on the plastic parts covering cavities on the back.
This will be a gigging guitar, by the way, and I will probably add some dings of my own.

My local luthier (who does excellent work and I trust completely) said he “can make it much better”, setup and service electronics for $250.

I’m not too worried about the appearance, just want it to be smooth.