1994 PRS CE 22 - Dragon 1 swap or sell

Just to update everyone. I actually posted the guitar on a couple platforms but ultimately sold it to someone from the forum who reached out. I did my homework tried a couple different models and pickups and ended up with an S2 Custom 24 and couldn’t be happier. It feels how I want it to feel and sounds like I want it to sound like. Going forward I may upgrade the bridge to a Mann Made and I can swap the pickups and wiring harness to my liking if I ever want to change it and not feel guilty.
If you drop those Dragon 1's out of there, there'd be PLEEEENTY of folks around here willing to throw $$$ at you for them. Just make sure you try your new/replacement pickups first before selling, to be damn sure that it was indeed the pickups that you didn't like, and not something else. 'Cause good luck getting them back after you sell them.

Do I care if you modify your '94 CE with Dragon 1's? Nope, go right ahead. Do I also not care because I already have a factory-original '93 Custom with Dragon 1 pickups? Yup. Do I love mine exactly the way it is? I do, luckily. (But you know what they say about opinions.)
All I can say is that every day I play my 2007 McCarty I thank God I resisted the temptation to replace the original pickups. The McCarty pickups are the sound of this guitar, and I love them.

This will sound harsh.. but bear with me..

There is NOTHING that you can do to this guitar that will make it sound like a Les Paul.. There is no pickup swap, wiring or anything else that will get close.. Other than being an electric guitar there are no similarities in construction that would even indicate that it could get close to a Les Paul tone... there are similarities in construction to a strat.. but nothing in common with an LP.

Your CE22 is a good, desirable PRS. Sell it and move on..

If you want a PRS that at least is somewhat similar to a Les Paul tone then get a S2 594 single cut.. If your heart is set on the tone of a Les Paul tho, then get a Les Paul as there are lots in that price range used.
I never thought I would say this but having two Les Pauls has made me appreciate my PRS models even more.