1. guitargeorge83

    Kestrel SE

    Hi all. I play a Kestrel SE bass at my church and the worship leader has told me he has to turn me up on the board. The other bass player I rotate weekends with plays a Fender Blacktop bass but it doesn’t have active pickups. I’m trying to get help on what I could possibly do to maybe give my...
  2. Going Modal

    Curious about some older pickups--Treble/Bass and Dragon

    I've been considering my options lately for some older PRSi, particularly the early Customs with Treble & Bass pickups, as well as early Custom 22's with the original uncovered Dragon pickups. Never played one of these though (of course not, they're not easy to come across!), and I'm wondering...
  3. S

    PRS bass lifting fingerboard, missing nut

    I have this PRS bass the fingerboard has lifted off and on the sides the filler material has come off Also on the back of the neck there's a split and another on the head stock as shown in photos How should I go about fixing it?
  4. S

    Issues with Volume and Bass

    Hi all, I’m still pretty new to the PRS family. I recently acquired a secondhand SE Custom 24, and so far I’m loving it... until I turn the volume knob up to 10. If I roll the volume off the guitar sounds perfectly balanced, but up past about 9.5 on the knob suddenly it sounds as though the bass...
  5. Wakester

    NBD! My New Bass Has Arrived :D

    My 2014 SE Kestrel Bass has arrived from Dave's Guitars without incident. The unboxing was heart-racing (could have been the caffine, not sure though) Dave's had this listed as a "Used" in "Very Good" condition Bass on Reverb. I have to say it is Like New with no visible signs of play or wear...
  6. Wakester

    NBD Incoming

    So, I dropped some excess cash on this 2014 Kestrel Bass from Dave's Guitars this morning. :D
  7. colinkanders

    Sell Me on the Grainger 5 String

    So I write & record music for fun and I play all the instruments (well, I program the drums). I have a cheap 4 string bass that I've always used and it has served me well so far - I'm not a bass player, just a guitarist who can play a bass well enough for my purposes. However, I often like to...
  8. Dancing Frog

    NBD- The Journey to the Bottom continues...

    So, I've been learning bass since June, and things have been progressing rather rapidly. I've always been interested in the Grainger, because it's rumored that its pick ups are the progenitors for the 513 and the 509 pick ups. Well, I had originally gotten a production Grainger 5. It's a good...
  9. rnodern

    PRS SE Bass - 5 string?

    Hi there, I'm looking to try a PRS Bass, a Kestrel or a Kingfisher. However i want a 5 string. Searching around, it looks like they don't make a 5 string unless you get into private stock territory. Do they exist? I feel like that's a pretty big market segment they're missing out on if so...
  10. Dancing Frog

    NBD- A Journey to the Bottom...

    In the theater show that I just finished, we had really good guitar player playing bass. He had a blast, but I felt it was sort of just a shame. I promised that if we ever did a show together again that I would play bass. So, here we are.... Finished my first practice session tonight. Need to...
  11. nachothrash

    SE Kingfisher Bass Question

    Hi folks! For some reason a store over here is always selling PRS basses for unbelievable cheap. I already bought a PRS SE Kestrel and modded it ala Cliff Burton's old Rickenbacker (would post a link, but I can't until I have 3 posts), and the thing is just a joy to play. Hands down the best...
  12. Dmitrii

    PRS bass Truss Rod Adjustment question

    Hello, I have PRS bass SE Kingfisher. I want to adjustment the truss rod. On customer support web page i found an manual to say that .010 measurement. What are the units and it's correct for bass as well or only for guitar? Thank you.
  13. anthonylbest

    SE Kingfisher vs SE Kestrel

    I will start with saying I am a guitar player, and have played very little bass. I am looking to pick up a bass for some general futzing and some very light recording. Generally i can see its single coils vs humbuckers... Are there any preferences, or thoughts?