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Discussion in 'Electric Instruments' started by nachothrash, Jun 13, 2018.

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    Hi folks!
    For some reason a store over here is always selling PRS basses for unbelievable cheap. I already bought a PRS SE Kestrel and modded it ala Cliff Burton's old Rickenbacker (would post a link, but I can't until I have 3 posts), and the thing is just a joy to play. Hands down the best built bass I own
    Now they are selling a Kingfisher at 720 u$s (cheaper than sweetwater), while other stores price it 1636 u$s (import taxes are huge over here). So I guess they are just forgetting to update their prices

    I've always wanted a Stingray, but I'm also looking for a classic precision
    So I'm thinking about buying the Kingfisher, replacing the neck pickup with a precision pickup, and throwing a pickguard to cover the holes
    My luthier pointed out that the distance between the bridge pickup and the bridge are different in the Kingfisher and a regular Stingray
    See pics:

    So, any of you own a Kingfisher? If so, how close does the bridge pickup sound to a classic Stingray?

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