SE Kestrel Bass - Body Rout Pics?


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Jan 20, 2020
Hi Guys, I want to upgrade the pickups and may need room for a 9v battery. Does anyone know if there is room for a 9V or two under the pickguard? Does anyone have a pic of the Kestrel without the pickgurad on? Or maybe someone has replaced the pickups and knows if the battery or batteries will fit? I'm thinking passive pickups with active bass/treble tone control. Thank you.

I am hoping to not have to remove the strings if I don't have to. They are 40 dollar elixir strings. Any help is appreciated.
I can't seem to just post pics here, sorry. It is looking for a web site hosting link? I just want to upload a dang pic or two.

Regarding the Kestrel bass, It probably would fit a 9v under the pots, but it would be close. The interesting thing is the pickup routs. One is larger so I ordered a standard J bass set up, meaning one pickup in longer and the other is shorter. The longer pickup is for the neck position and it fits in the rout but not in the pickguard. I tried the short pickup in the pickguard/neck and it fits perfectly. So I am returning the one longer one and getting a second shorter pickup.

I would love to post pics, if someone can help tell me how.
Are you using HOT LINK FOR FORUMS in the SHARE section?
You just have to paste it into the reply box. Don’t use the Insert Media feature. Just paste it in the reply box
@DISTORT6 - I appreciate the help, thanks for trying.

I tried EVERY option and was rejected. This is the only forum I use that requires this third party nonsense. I am using Mac and the Safari browser, could that be an obstacle?
As promised, here is the Kestrel pickup and cavity update. I hope this helps someone.

I used the post images link DISTORT 6 had recommended. I had to create an account and use "direct link" - I tried them all and all failed before that.

I decided to stay safe and install passive EMG pickups, so battery is not required. I may upgrade to the BTC concentric tone control later on. It is bass and treble concentric pot and will require a battery. I use a Fractal Audio FM9 and a HX Stomp XL, so I can EQ to my hearts content, making the active bass/treble pot not really necessary.

The other good news is the wires fit through the holes just fine. So other than the me having to exchange the long JB pickup, this has gone very smooth. Took longer to post theses freaking pictures. LOL

BTW, I liked the stock pickups just fine but they were a bit noisy, especially in one of the churches I play at. It didn't do well with LED lighting. Then it started making some humming and so I decided to make the change.



I’d totally hit one of these.

I was all set to buy when when my big sister gave me her bass.

It's crazy! Neck thru construction, Hipshot tuners and hipshot bridge. They retail for 899 and I bought it for 450 used and spent 180 for pickups and electronics from EMG. I ended up going passive just to be safe and feel good about my decision. The rout was big enough for the larger JB pickup but the pickguard was not and I don't have the tools to handle that. So EMG exchanged the LJHZ with a SJHZ and it fit like a charm. Figured that someone else may LOVE their Kestrel but want to upgrade the pickups and would need this info. At 899 it's an incredible bargain!

Amazing job PRS. Thank you.