Active Pickups in an SE


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Dec 17, 2020
Has anyone put active pickups in an SE Custom 24? I'm giving serious thought to an SE Custom 24 to replace my Explorer as my drop A tuning guitar, but I want to put a set of EMG Daemonum pickups in it but would like to know if there's enough room in the control cavity for a battery, or if I'll have to have a battery compartment routed out.

I have a set of 89s in an SE custom 22 (should be the same cavity dimensions) that has two push pulls, an extra knob for tone, all the wires, and the battery. It's tight but it all fits.
If that's your sound, and you KNOW it is, then go for it.

But be careful because our tastes change and evolve.

I would not do any routing or drill extra holes for anything.

I'd want any modifications to be 100% reversable.

But that's me.

Keep in mind that whatever money you put into that guitar will not really add to the value or be able to be recovered if you sell it.

Most people would rather buy a guitar that's stock.
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Yup, drop tuned metal is my style. Having said that, the reason for doing this to an SE is because I tend to leave my Core and S2 guitars in relatively stock format...though I did swap the 85/15 S pickups in my S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow for a set of Bare Knuckle Abraxas pickups.