1. Going Modal

    Mira X a good idea in this case?

    I've got an idea/concept for a guitar featuring 59/09 pickups (either factory-stock or I will retrofit them) that goes a little something like this: 1. Double-cut body 2. Dual humbuckers 3. 245 scale 4. Stoptail bridge 5. Rock out...!!! Guitars that I know meet these criteria are Paul's Dirty...
  2. Going Modal

    HFS/Vintage Bass vs. 85/15's (vs. 59/09's) in a Custom

    I have two later-model PRS Customs (a 22 and a 24), both of which came with 85/15 squabbin pickups that I did not like [short opinion: too "modern" for me, too sharp of attack]. I quickly outfitted both guitars with 59/09 squabbins instead, which I definitely prefer over the 85/15's in both...
  3. P

    Pickup Decisions…HELP!

    Trying to pin down a good upgrade set of pickups for my daily driver. she’s a 2002 Santana SE All mahogany body/neck Rosewood fretboard Stoptail Bridge Tuning : she lives in E Standard & Drop D 40/60 of the time, for all playing styles. I never tune it below Drop D, as I have a Strat that lives...
  4. D

    Replacing uncovered 59/09 with covered 57/08 on Custom 24

    Hello everyone. I just got on eBay a set of 57/08 pickups. I currently have 59/09 uncovered pickups that came factory installed on my 2012 Custom 24 with 5-way blade. I wanted a bit less harsh and vintage sounding pickup and wanted to give the 57/08 a try. Anyway, i think I’ll have some trouble...
  5. Going Modal

    Swapping Screws in Squabbins?

    Say THAT five times fast! So I've got a core guitar with "hybrid hardware," which means gold screws in the squabbin pickups; and I'd like to replace the pickups with another model from the PRS store that do not have gold screws (because after all, they're regular replacement models). But of...
  6. Going Modal

    NGD - my new "sleeper" guitar

    Picked up this 2012 Stripped 58 very recently. It came with its stock covered 57/08's, but I really wanted to do a 57/08 neck + 59/09 bridge combination--plus the look of this guitar was really asking for a black squabbin in the bridge--so I just finished installing that, followed by a full...
  7. Going Modal

    59/09's into my Custom 22--I think I'm good now

    Over the weekend I installed some 59/09 pickups into my '18 Custom 22, replacing the 85/15 pickups that were in there. I think the 59/09's are much better suited for my all-around bluesy/rock styles. I wasn't interested in changing the switching patterns, or even the look of the pickups...
  8. Blakemore

    Hey Pickup Peeps, CE22 Treble Pup Suggestions Needed

    Hey friends, Looking for advice on another lovely guitar. I've got a CE 22 (hog + maple top) with Dragon II's. I don't mind the neck pickup but the bridge and I have a love/hate relationship. I like the punch it has (or can have), but do not like the compression it has when you dig into it...
  9. Joseph Berlin

    *Video* Aquableux 10 Top is now officially mine!!

    Remember those pics I posted last week of the guitar I was planning to pick up in NJ? Well I went to get it this weekend and it looks even better in person than any of the pictures could ever have suggested. I thought I'd post a couple quick videos to showcase the grain in the wood, it has so...
  10. MichaelS

    Should I make the 59/09 bridge pup splittable?

    Putting a 59/09 into the bridge of a '16 CE24 Standard. Debating whether to make the 59/09 splittable Neck is an \m/ pup and wired splittable with the push/pull pot. Which of the following two scenarios would you prefer? Don't split bridge (essentially Position 2 of a 5-way blade) -->...
  11. Ovibos


    I just bought an uncovered 2018 59/09 treble on Reverb. Now all I need is a 57/08 bass and a guitar to put it in! I'm thinking maybe a used S2 of some sort...
  12. T

    59/09 vs 57/08 vs 85/15 pickups???

    Looking for some new pickups to put in my S2 Custom 24. I play rock, blues, gospel, funk, worship. Looking for a good, strong sound. Looking for better sustain... My overdrive tone is similar to Mark Lettieri's. What do you like, dislike, prefer etc about each of these pickups? Thanks!!
  13. GavQuinn

    PRS 59/09 pickups - Up for Grabs

    Hi Guys, I have a set of black 59/09s, open coil, not covered, the square ones. Just haven't got the edge that I'm looking for, so they aren't used. Will ship anywhere you like. Apologies if I'm in the wrong section here.
  14. littleredguitars2

    NGD. 59/09 limited edition goodness.

    well a while back i was looking to find a sister for my 53/10 and after a LOT of research and consideration i decided to grab this beauty from Wildwood Guitars (excellent people by the way). i love this guitar already. plays even nicer than my 53/10 which is hard to believe but you can't say no...