NGD - my new "sleeper" guitar

Going Modal

I should be practicing right now.
Jul 25, 2019
Your mom.
Picked up this 2012 Stripped 58 very recently. It came with its stock covered 57/08's, but I really wanted to do a 57/08 neck + 59/09 bridge combination--plus the look of this guitar was really asking for a black squabbin in the bridge--so I just finished installing that, followed by a full setup. So far I really like it--sounds great and seems quite versatile for blues-y/rock stuff.

Also... it's not a 10-top. I've seen some 10-tops that maybe don't seem to deserve it, and then sometimes you get lucky with non-10-tops that really seem to deserve it, such as this. But I really wouldn't care either way--it plays well, isn't heavy, and sounds great.

Dig it:
Do the squabbins affect the sound compared to non? squabbins.
Do the squabbins affect the sound compared to non? squabbins.
PRS himself seems to think so, apparently yes. And the common understanding is that uncovered pickups have a little bit more clarity & high end. Although, while covered 59/09 pickups do exist, I don't have any to directly compare vs. uncovered ones. [Although, as I've mentioned elsewhere recently, my covered Artist V pickups are suspiciously close and I think they are 59/09's; but I shouldn't make a comparison based only on my assumption.]
It also seems that another forum member previously owned this guitar, and he reached out to me. Very cool to know that the guitar has some provenance within the PRS Guitars forum here!