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    Finger strumming

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    Finger strumming

    Nice....I need a bassist with your sense.
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    Finger strumming

    I use my fingers all the time. There is a different sound, feel and vibe you get when using your hand. I prefer a pick for certain things and my hand/fingers for others. That being said, if picks were banished off the Earth tomorrow, I would be in good shape.
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    Anyone else here a smoker?

    You mean your recent trip down ah yard?
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    I'm a Bad Person: I like new PRSi better!

    I tend to play my '92 CU24 more than my '98 HB II and 2010 SC Ted. Right Sergio?
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    Gig bag recommendations for SC HB ll

    I have the Mono M-80 and it fits my CU 24, HB II and SC Ted with no shifting. I don't have any experience with the Vertigo.
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    I use two completely different handmade/handwired gems from a little company named FORGE EFFECTS located in the UK. This guy is a genius when it comes to fuzz. Fine tuned to his demanding specifications and extremely open to input from the customer. Traditional rectangle enclosures available...
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    Delay and Reverb Pedlals of Choice

    Love the Pigtronix Echolution, my first non-rack delay. I would like to check out the new one. Strymon stuff is great also. Picked up the Brig for it's portability. I should get a fav pedal for it.
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    Input on wah pedals...

    I've been using a DeArmond Weeper since about the same time and love it. It's been my main wah all these years. I recently decided to get a back up and picked up a Wilson Colorful Clone in vintage spec. Wickedly great pedal. Check out Wilson Wahs if you never heard of them.
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    Impossible? I Like All The Neck Profiles

    Exactly how I feel.
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    NGD PS

    Agreed! Congrats!
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    When/How did you first discover PRS guitars?

    I'm still waiting for your custom SE..... :cheers: