Wiring for 85/15 S -> DiMarzio in a Custom 24


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Dec 12, 2023
I hate to create a thread about this, as I'm sure it's been asked many times but I couldn't find a exact answer.

I want to install 2 DiMarzio pickups in my 2024 SE Custom 24 Quilt. Is the a diagram floating around somewhere on which wires go where, or at the very least a conversion chart for the colors? I want to maintain the stock functionality with the push pull pot, so I'm not modifying the wiring at all, I just want to install these new DiMarzio pickups.

To get the ball rolling...

North Finish + South Finish wires to each terminals on the push/pull
ground + South Start to ground (pot casing)
North Start to switch

Or is that completely wrong?
I think what I wrote above might be correct, here it is updated with the DiMarzio colors:

Black + White => push/pull terminals
Green + bare => ground
Red => switch
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Ok, job done. The wiring ended up being as described above.

These DiMarzio Illuminator pickups really bring this guitar to the next level. They sound phenomenal.