Value of Mira Korina?

Oct 11, 2023
I'm new here and not sure if this is the right place to ask. But health problems are forcing me to sell most of my guitar collection. IF I decide to sell my 2009 PRS Mira — the core model in KORINA with the hollow bird fretboard inlays — can anyone just give me a general idea of what I should ask for it? Minty condition, with original case, etc. I have no idea if these "core" Miras have gone up, or down, in value since I bought this. Many thanks. - michael
I see people overprice them, and they sit unsold forever. There may be a moderate premium for a korina Mira if someone is in the market, much like the maple-topped ones. I suppose it really depends on how quickly you might need to sell. Covid-crazed prices have kept me out of the buying market for quite a while now. I see people have paid $2200-2499 for them on Reverb, though I wouldn’t be one of those. But if I really wanted that specific guitar, I might!

List it for what you think you can get, and be prepared to lower if there’s no interest in your time frame. Know what your rock bottom is and don’t take less unless your situation simply requires a quick sale. People sell insanely priced guitars at times, but most overpriced ones sit for months or years. Ultimately, value is dictated by the willingness of a buyer to meet your price.
The problem with checking previous sales is that the Korina Core models rarely show up. Reverb has one listed (and it's been listed for MONTHS), but the seller is in Romania, so that's probably not an accurate reflection of how much this model is worth in the U.S. I wouldn't pay $2000 for a "regular" Mira, even a Core model, but in the past the Korina versions were considerably more expensive. I don't want it to stay listed forever, but I also don't want to regret selling it for $900. I guess this is why it's been sitting in my closet for years, and will probably stay there.
I appreciate the responses, though. Thank you.
Oh, sucks that you are in that position. All the best!

Hope you can sell it well, but Miras are a little odd duck and a little tougher sell than other models if I am not mistaken.
The price history gives a wider range of sales if you click the transaction history at the link above. I personally don't go by the recent surge in pricing as those prices are falling more and more every day. As said they are slow movers and often can be found for a deal.. They do pop up more than one would think including other sales channels. I'm a big Korina fan and search for guitars made from it time to time. Sorry you have to sell and Good Luck!
It Also Doesn't Help That The Mira's At One Time Back in The Day Were Blown Out For Insanely Low Prices At All The Dealers. They Are Nice Guitars But Somewhat Of An Oddity As Far As PRS Models Go. I Am Sorry You Have To Sell And Hope You Get A Price You Can Work With And The Guitar Goes To A Wonderful New Home.

Edit: If You Are Serious About Selling It I Can Ask Around To A Few Of My Contacts That Are Not On Forum's And See If They May Be Interested.