Turning a SE neck to a Satin finish


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Jan 16, 2023
I like the feel of the SE Silver Sky's neck, I'd describe it as Satin-woody-ish. So, I've taken some 000 Steel Wool to the back of my 594 SE & Custom 24 SE. It's made the necks smoother and not as glossy feeling. It's an improvement.
I'm curious; has anyone done this and got their PRS SE neck sanded down to make it feel like the SE Silver Sky's neck woody-ish surface?
Micromesh is best but scotchbrite works damn well in a pinch.

Dude... I can't get over how good that looks. Is it really as even as it looks?
What grit? Any particular pattern or technique?
Thanks! It looks and feels just as good in real life. It's an involved process but not really. I do it in stages. Probably over kill but comes out like this. I've now done it to a few.

I used to own a car restoration company and used a lot of the technique and products from there.

I posted a brief write up a while back a time or two. I keep thinking I should do a full post.
3000 wet dry , makes them like silk .. no marks
It does! I have my new SE 594 Double Cut and SE Custom 24's necks feeling like my SE Silver Sky now - both necks are now very smooth and "woody" feeling.
(and I also gave my Epi '59 Inspired By Gibson Les Paul the same treatment)
I posted a brief write up a while back a time or two. I keep thinking I should do a full post.
Here's one of your writeups using scotchbrite. Would love to see one describing the micromesh treatment.

I was lucky that my Soapbar SE245 neck was already sanded when I got it. It looks like sandpaper/micromesh was used because of the fine scratches at the edges of the sanded area. Its feel is glorious and would like to be able to sand the neck on the other SE245 at very least. Maybe the S2. The Stripped '58 is probably safe for at least a while.
+1 on Micromesh I've used it many times in metal polishing

Just remember , the finer the grit , the quicker it loads up .