To sell or to keep: PRS SE Custom 24 with roasted maple neck - Made in Korea

Should I sell my PRS SE Custom 24 (MIK)?

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Dec 6, 2023
I have 3 PRS guitars: PRS McCarty HBII, PRS Custom 24 (Core), and PRS SE Custom 24 (Korea). The SE sounds great but I just don't play it anymore but I want to keep it because they stopped making PRS guitars in Korea (my motherland) to the best of my knowledge. But enters my friend who wants to learn guitar and I want him to start off with a decent guitar. Should I sell or just keep?
Music is a meant to be shared.

Sell or gift the guitar to your friend with dibbs on it if he sells or gives up. I've done this with multiple friends and family. My experience lands about 10% of people, if that, keep up with it. Playing sounds like a great idea, but then they realize how much time and practice is required.. next thing you know it's collecting dust. This is one of the reasons guitar resale value is historically low. It's just that old thing they never use and only think about it when they say to themselves I should sell that.

Cool you posted. I was just looking at guitars last night for a dear friend's son and started thinking why don't I just gift them a guitar I barely play? Thanks universe for answering my question.
I have a good friend with GAS
but its his passion that drives me
He shares and I get to play some Very nice guitars that I would never have access to
(think Private Stock, Wood Library, & 10 Top Cores)
He has gifted me 2 guitars and helped me buy 2 others now
But the sharing excites us both and drives us to play more and play better
May you develop such a friendship with your Buddy
if so the cost of a guitar is well worth it
I appreciate your connection with Korean SE's. Not only are they some of the best values on the planet but also my wife was born there. After buying two Korean SE245s for myself I got a third one for my brother and it got him into playing again.

There's something special about a gift. But if you're not that close then selling with the option of getting it back is a great option.
I'll be the contrarian. I'd sell it.

I see no reason to sit on something I'm not using, even if it's super-nice. If I don't play an instrument or record with it, it's history.
I like to keep something I don’t mind letting someone who might not be as careful as I would like play. Everybody deserves a chance to see what a good guitar play like.