Thoughts on this used SE custom 22 semi hollow??


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Apr 2, 2023
Hey all, Im new to to the forum and PRS guitars and recently posted about about an SE Mccarty 594 I had purchased and was inquiring about some other guitars to consider. One that was mentioned was to consider a hollow or semi hollow. I really enjoy playing rock/alternative/hard rock/metal. I have a good metal guitar in my LTD EC-1000 so was looking for something more for rock/hard rock. I think the McCarty 594 will work well but then this guitar came up on a local used forum. It's an SE Custom 22 semi hollow. I used the PRS website and believe its a 2018 model and made in Korea.

Not being too familiar with PRS should I consider this as well especially because it's Korean made? Is this preferable over the recent Indonesian made now?

The seller says it's in mint condition and has barely been used.

I have the option of returning the McCarty SE 594 (since I just bought it new and my local shop allows 30 day returns) but I am also kind of tempted to keep it and buy this semi hollow as well. Im just not sure if it's different enough than the McCarty to justify it?

I also really like the look of the Zach Myers so was debating getting one of those but wouldn't be doing that if I purchased this semi-hollow. Any advice is appreciated.

Just bumping as thread was held up with moderator since I'm a new member so got bumped to bottom of page once was approved. Curious if any thoughts?
I have a S2 McCarty 594 singlecut as well as two Korean SE245's, one of which is a soapbar. I don't have any experience with the Indonesian SE's but generally the Korean SE are great and in many ways have a better fit and finish than the S2. You rarely hear complaints about the Korean SE as opposed to Indonesian models, even the current SE 594. In the pics the guitar looks really good, so if the price is OK I'd highly recommend checking it out especially since you have experience with the SE 594 to compare it with. I have a feeling that you won't be disappointed and the question will be if it's different enough.
I own an SE Custom 22 Semi Hollow. For reference I also own a few USA core models. The fit and finish on the SE is good. The clean tone I immediately fell in love with. It’s still a guitar I’ll pick up regularly just for that unique tone. Out of all my guitars it has some of my favorite clean tones (vs Custom 24 Piezo, Tremonti USA, Silvery Sky) and stays in tune really well. It’s actually the guitar that convinced me I want a Special Semi Hollow in the toolkit for the 22 fret neck pick up and semi hollow sound. To my ear there’s more midrange. The tapped/split sounds are good and it can handle rock perfectly. Add a noise gate and it’ll cover hard rock but I wouldn’t use it for metal riffage. To me it would be different enough to keep both especially since the McCarty does not have a floating bridge.