The Unofficial Official NF3 Thread

One just came up for sale on TGP:

One just came up for sale on TGP:

Damn… I’d love to buy that. Bad timing!

Edit: Took a stab at getting it, but by the time I located the funds he already had a local deal happening. Strike one!
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I really miss my old one. Trying to pry one away from my buddy.


Looks like mine!
Wonderful guitar!
There’s magic in the recipe of a korina body, maple neck and narrowfield 57/08 pickups. Even unplugged my NF3 has a super-detailed, airy, chimey, angelic top end that no other guitar seems to have. The pickups capture this and bring it out through the amp. I also have a DC3 which is not korina and its unplugged voice is quite different. The NF3 is very special somehow and I can really express myself on it. On some days I prefer my DGT but on most days the NF3 is the one I play. What a great guitar.