The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

I've waited months to join this thread, but I've finally found a local 594 that I love the look of.
It doesn't arrive until next week, but I figured I can share some dealer photos in the meantime :)







It's definitely one of the best colors for this model. In the midst of my 594 fever last year I just missed out on one at Wilcutt, so I "settled" for Violet.


Yup, your baby is a gem. Confession: my 594 quest originally began with the primary requirement of "anything purple". The one I found ruined my plan.

The odds of me having acquired two cores, and neither of them being purple... well, they're pretty astronomical. But one is part blue, so I guess there's that.
With all the comments re tops, including from myself, I don't think we need to discuss that anymore, here is my guitar:



WOW!!! Killer flame top, I love it!

More importantly, Eric says it plays and sounds amazing.

Can't wait to get it in my hands!!

WOW!!! Is Right!!!
What a killer top!
I know this is an older thread but I was reading along and had to join the forum after seeing this!
Very nice indeed!
Welcome to the club!

I still have that crazed Agent Smith look on my face sixteen months later.

Excellent! Really just still experimenting myself. So many different tone options on this guitar... one thing for sure, fantastic resonance and very rich tone!