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The grey titles aren't cutting it for me

Tucson Thump

Mint Heavy Relic
Feb 21, 2017
Tucson, the other Arizona.
The grey on white titles specifically. Too little contrast and too much flare until they turn darker when you run the cursor over them

Tried the UI.X Dark option and find there is still too little contrast.

Not as bad as reading Wired when they run the text across a color. More interested in efficient communication than a snazzy look.

Now, white chalk on a blackboard ... those were the days .....
Thanks for sitting tight while we updated the forum software and migrated to a bigger, badder server.

We've also made changes that should help the overly-aggressive captcha issue. If it hasn't improved, please PM me and let me know.

If you notice any issues with the new forum, please also contact me directly and let me know before posting about them on the forum.

Finally, we'll be updating the styling of the forum, particularly the extra-low contrast of the text, so hang tight. Thanks again!
I see nothing to howl about really, just some niggles that really don't mean diddly so. I was just happy the site was up as fast as it was. Thanks James.
Oh, touch wood... no sign of "that which shall not be named"
Hey, I went down to the style switcher (it said "UI.X" at first) at the bottom left of the page and chose "Default Style" and got a much more readable scheme with blue titles and orange highlights.

That was a big improvement over the one called "Use Default Style" which has the bad grey on grey titles. "UI.X" looked the same to my eyes. Confusing? Yeah.
Default screen will provide black/white/blue.
Yay. Thanks for this. Rather odd that there are two Default options. :)

Blue is so much easier to read. Though the flashes of orange are a little challenging. Old eyes!
Shame it loses the PRS logo in favour of Xenforo
I just switched to the "default" I think I like that better. Sorta miss the stats though (call me a numbers guy), 12 years of 'admin' on other sites maybe...:rolleyes:

I just turned that data back on. Some things defaulted to questionable defaults (for my taste) in the upgrade, but we'll work them out.