Talk to me about PG/MEV bridge pickup


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Jan 12, 2013
So, I’ve had a couple 408s, and my SH 408 is arguably my favorite guitar. So I have a good idea of what the narrow pup sounds like in the neck. I think it’s amazing split, and really sounds Strat-like more than any split humbucker I’ve ever encountered.

As a full humbucker, I appreciate the narrower field for more precision in faster more technical lead playing. However, tbh I really like it much better in the semi-hollow body, just because it sounds bigger and fuller to my ears - more like a traditional neck hb IMHO.

Now with the release of the MEV and all the amazing pup combinations (I don’t know how PRS will ever top this in terms of versatility!! - but I’m sure this was said with the 513 and others ). Obviously this is a really intriguing guitar.

Having never had access to a Paul’s Guitar, I have no experience playing the 408 neck pup in the bridge. So I wanted to hear from all you PG owners, and obviously those fortunate enough to have a MEV already, about how it sounds.

I imagine it’s excellent for cleans, especially split (and actually usable clean as a full humbucker in the bridge?). So I guess I’m more curious how it handles some dirt, across the spectrum. Does it lack the fullness of a traditional hb? Any comparables in the PRS pup lineup that seem close or a good way to describe/measure it?

Thanks for any info guys!
I have had a few guitars with narrow 408s in the bridge - 2 Paul's Guitars, a Brent Mason, and now an ME V. The older narrow 408s sounded better to me than the new TCI version. The "tuned bass note" seems like it adds a flub to the tone when in humbucker mode.

I actually went out with the ME-V and auditioned amps to use with it because it has been very "picky" about many factors. It seems to be a guitar that WANTS to be used in single coil mode because that is where it shines.

The humbucker sounds are great with the volume slightly rolled back and not maxing the amp gain. I found, that for my ears, Vox style amps work the best for the all-round flexibility the guitar offers. While it sounded better the higher up the price scale - Morgan amps and the ME-V were great- I ended up buying an older Vox AC15 to use with the ME-V.

Ironically, my SC245 57/08 sounds like farts with Vox, unless the pickups are split.

If given the chance, I would totally let PRS yank the TCI pickups and replace them with the older narrow 408s, which to my ears offered nice, smooth humbucker tones, and great strat- meets-P90 single coil tones.

I want another Paul's Guitar. If I get one it'll be 2015 or older, and have a trem. For my needs, that era guitar is magical.