PRS Modern Eagle V vs 513/509 switching...


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Apr 27, 2012
To the guys that have played both:
Why the heck is the 5 way switch so far back on the MEV? Wouldn't it be easier to use having the 509 layout?
The 5 way feels to be at a great spot on my 513 while the not so frequently used 3 way (or mini toggles in the 509) a little bit further away....
I don't have the same issue with the McCarty layout, since a 3 way switch doesn't need that much attention while switching. It only takes a little thought going in the middle position. On a 5 way on the other hand it looks more strange to change from the 4th to the 2nd position that far back and have to also look not to hit the mini toggles next to it.
On the 513/509 layout the pickup switches are "separated" by the volume and tone controls and you clearly know where is what, if that makes any sense....
Any thoughts?
Good morning! My pure concerns are, that this particular question can be solved by the designer of the MEV only. Other than that it´s simple speculation.
My speculations on that topic are: Offering for the MEV a different layout that for 513 and 509. Secondly haptically reasons following testing within prototype phase or received feedback by PRS players of 513 or others, and they worried about having the switches in their way.
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It looks like an approximation of the CU22 layout with the switch on the bottom. It took me a while to get used to that when I bought my first PRS, but it became normal with time. It's definitely a challenge when migrating between the classics.
I prefer the ME-V layout. I have a habit of hitting the selector switch when it is placed in the area of the 509 design. I have put custom pickguards on strats to move the switch to an out of the way location.