Super Bowl Food & Drink


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Apr 27, 2012
Texxas, USA
The Big Game is days away. Do any of you have certain foods, snacks, or drinks you bring out on special occasions like this? Everybody knows about the usuals; what do you come up with that's out of the ordinary?

Goldtop Lloyd
Bacon-wrapped shrimp stuffed with cream cheese - and grilled with a sweet chili sauce on top.
For about the last 15 years we've gone to a friends' house to watch the game (or pretend to watch the game while we socialize and eat). They always have 40-50 people show up and our hosts treat us to Frogmore Stew (Lowcountry Boil) and grilled, marinated duck breast among other things. If you've never had Lowcountry Boil, you should try it.
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Brats and burgers on the grill. It's the Wisconsin way, doesn't matter how cold it is outside. Beer.
Most years I go to a party just to watch for the best commercials and eat some good food. This year, it's regular game protocol for the game. Stress, determine early if the who performs better while I'm outside smoking, defense or offense, quietly repeat " Just don't F up, Joe" at each snap, and come to terms with imminent defeat. At least that recipe has worked for four playoff games.
Sweet, sweet zombie brains simmered in KC Masterpiece - wait, no - that's a different thread.

I usually make Bambi stew.....
Nachos, burgers, and hot links! Add some beer and we're all set. Can't wait!
I think we're going to keep it simple this year - Brats and beer! :D

...and maybe some Tequila
.....and Chips
.......and BACON wrapped somthing! ( Anything is good wrapped in bacon!)

CRAP! I better start a list! :D LOL!!!
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