Special Semi-hollow - white dust and PTC modification


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Aug 3, 2018
I'm so psyched! Recently, I picked up a Special Semi-hollow black gold burst 10-top. It's quite amazing to look at, and even more fun to play!

Two questions:

1) After a fun session playing, I notice a little white dust on the body. It wipes away with a microfiber but I've never noticed this on other guitars (this is my first nitro finish though)

2) I'm considering getting the mod to isolate the narrowfield and don't live far from the factory. Anyone gotten that mod at PTC and recommend them for quality and price? (Or is it like going to the car dealer for service?)

Also, I wish I could post a photo, look for whatever reason the IMGUR link isn't working.
I hope they detail your guitar at PTC for you while there.
I’ve had work done at the PTC. If you can afford it and get the them the guitar (like you, I live near the factory), have them do the work. I wouldn’t trust anyone other than the people who made the guitar to modify the guitar.
I have a Purple Iris SSH. I have seen no dust. I like the modification idea a lot. Too bad I don’t live near the factory. What’s the ballpark charge for it?