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Aug 3, 2018
So I’ve had a silver sky in moc sand satin for about 4 months, and last night I noticed a small chip right next to the top strap button. It’s an odd place for anything to have bumped it especially since my strap stays on the guitar 90% of the time. Also I would think the strap should have protected it from any bumps with the chip being in that specific spot. My question, is it a known issue with the moc sand satin to chip easier than other finishes? Could the strap have caused it by rubbing on that spot? My strap is a Couch strap so it’s all leather touching the guitar. Around the chip there is a bit of slight discoloration and ridging almost like when you put your finger on paint that isn’t dry yet. It doesn’t look exactly like a fingerprint but that’s the best way I could think to describe it. And I mention that to say I’m fairly certain the chip wasn’t there when I first got the guitar.