damage finish

  1. Jotarock

    "Normal" finish issue on a SE custom?

    Hi everyone! I recently discover that my guitar has an irregular painting job. It seems like someone in the factory fucked things up and tried to fix it whit some extra painting and glue. The good news is that is barely visible (the picture was taken with light flash). You need to look closely...
  2. J

    Silver Sky Chip

    So I’ve had a silver sky in moc sand satin for about 4 months, and last night I noticed a small chip right next to the top strap button. It’s an odd place for anything to have bumped it especially since my strap stays on the guitar 90% of the time. Also I would think the strap should have...
  3. Ironwolf

    Deep gouge in mahogany neck, should I repair it, can I repair it?

    I was putting this in the guitar stand, missed just slightly, It bounced a glancing blow off of the body edge of my PRS 594 . I can't find a hint of damage on the PRS body. But the LP neck took the brunt of the injury. PRS wins the battle. I really don't notice it when I'm playing, it has...