damage finish

  1. J

    Silver Sky Chip

    So I’ve had a silver sky in moc sand satin for about 4 months, and last night I noticed a small chip right next to the top strap button. It’s an odd place for anything to have bumped it especially since my strap stays on the guitar 90% of the time. Also I would think the strap should have...
  2. Ironwolf

    Deep gouge in mahogany neck, should I repair it, can I repair it?

    I was putting this in the guitar stand, missed just slightly, It bounced a glancing blow off of the body edge of my PRS 594 . I can't find a hint of damage on the PRS body. But the LP neck took the brunt of the injury. PRS wins the battle. I really don't notice it when I'm playing, it has...