"Normal" finish issue on a SE custom?


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Oct 6, 2018
Hi everyone!

I recently discover that my guitar has an irregular painting job. It seems like someone in the factory fucked things up and tried to fix it whit some extra painting and glue. The good news is that is barely visible (the picture was taken with light flash). You need to look closely to notice the mistake. Maybe, in the future, i will fix it (i don´t know how hahaha).

To be clear, i talking about the black dot of paint on the edge, near the blurry paint job. It looks like a repaint!

Anyone know if this is a normal, or "expectable" issue with the finish on "SE" models?

I can live with that.

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If it's possible to highlight/circle the blemish so I can see it I'd appreciate it.

Thank you in advance.
Thanks. I wasn't sure if that was it or not. Definitely weird IMO. I hope that doesn't become habit.
Was that purchased new? Looks like it was drop filled but not sanded and buffed out. Stuff happens in guitar making and even the best factories and luthiers occasionally have an oops moment that needs to be filled/fixed. As stated above it could be 'sand through' while sanding or 'burn through' while buffing (friction from buffing generates heat which can melt the finish). Edges are especially vulnerable to these issues.

Done properly these fixes are imperceptible.

If it doesn't bother you I'd ignore it as you might sand through trying to fix it, especially on an edge. If you do want to address it then check out this video for how to sand & polish a drop fill.

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