SE Custom 24 Fire Burst Availability?


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Dec 15, 2017
After some very long hours at work for the past month I was looking forward to enjoying my SE Custom 24 Fire Burst guitar and then I received the email that from the distributor that I would have to wait until January.

A big bummer for sure.

Is there a way to know when this guitar will be shipped and available?

Or is it a waiting game?
You can buy on reverb. They're going for around 1k on reverb. One listed with a floyd rose for 800. Wow.
The FRB is stunning. I was leaning toward blue but glad I went for the red. Just keep checking vendors. They seem to be going fast as they get them. Sweetwater gets them pretty regular but gone fast. Being a lefty I don't check rights but that's how it's been working for the leftys. ZZsounds had yesterday gone today.