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fire red burst

  1. Cory A.W.

    Custom 24 Floyd Fire Red

    Hey all, just wanted to drop a link to a great deal on Reverb! These don't come around often, & here's a gorgeous example of workmanship... grab one for Christmas. Said he'd take $2900 Custom 24 Floyd Fire Red
  2. M

    McCarty S2 fire burst red singlecut

    Hello, hope everyone is doing well. I have a question, i'm interested in buying a PRS s2 mccarty singlecut in the colour fire burst red. But no PRS dealer near me (I live in Belgium) has this guitar in stock. So i'll have to order it or buy online. But I can't find any photo's of the actual...
  3. Mozzi

    The Great 'Red' Guitar Thread

    We have one for Blue and Green - so why not one for Red... One of the Original 3 colours for PRS was RED and they have done various Red finishes through the years - Crimson, Black Cherry and Fire Red Burst too. I love Red guitars - as perhaps most of you know - so I want to see what Red Guitars...
  4. Mozzi

    NGD: Custom 24 'Floyd' - It's here now...

    Having recently picked up a PRS 594 Hollowbody ii - something with a 'vintage' vibe, I have now added what can really be described as at the other end of the spectrum - Modern, high(er) output Pickups, 24 frets and of course a Floyd Rose trem system... As expected, my incoming 2019 Custom 24...
  5. Mozzi

    Incoming NGD!! PRS 594 Hollowbody ii

    So I may of just bought a New Guitar... :D:D I love my 2016 594 and my 2018 Hollowbody ii with Piezo so I thought what if I had a guitar that was a mix of both of these. I also don't have a guitar with the new 2020 specs - Nitro and pickups with the new TCI process applied but also wasn't keen...
  6. rnodern

    New Guitar Day - Artist w/Maple Neck

    Been a while since I've posted. Ordered this back in 2017 and picked it up this week. It's a Tremonti Artist in Fire Red Burst. Hybrid hardware, adjustable stoptail. Maple neck and fretboard. I am in love!
  7. Mozzi

    Incoming NGD!! HBii with one piece top

    I tried so hard to resist, my bank balance is in tatters but I just had to do it.... This little beauty - a 2018 Hollowbody II w Piezo and a one piece Top/Back - will be joining my PRS family on Tuesday - this is a Photo provided by the shop I am buying it from... I think she will fit right...
  8. X

    SE Custom 24 Fire Burst Availability?

    After some very long hours at work for the past month I was looking forward to enjoying my SE Custom 24 Fire Burst guitar and then I received the email that from the distributor that I would have to wait until January. A big bummer for sure. Is there a way to know when this guitar will be...
  9. O

    When will my guitar arrive?

    I ordered a fire red custom 24 at the beginning of April and the anticipation is killing me! I think about it every day. The only info my dealer can give me is "90-120 days" no concrete date. Next week will be the 4 month mark. With the way things are going will it take even longer than that?