Custom 24-08 Wiring doesn't match Prs website


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Jan 3, 2024
Hi Guys, got recently a new PRS SE Custom 24-08 2022 model, after having no sound in the bridge position, I went to check the electronic and found two black wires that was loose(I think it used to be soldered in the mini mini toggles and the other in the 3way switch).
Checking the Wiring for the SE 24-08 on PRS website I realize that my guitar wiring is completely different.

Website shows mini toggle as follow:
black, red
green, white
empty, black

black, gren
red, black
emptym, black

But my guitar came from factory with the follow:
red, green
black, white
capacitor, black

green, red
black, empty(maybe this were the ground became loose)
capacitor, black

After soldering the black wire where I thought it belonged, the guitar started working again but noiser than before when plugged.

Can anyone have the full schematics for my guitar so I can double check everything?
Also, each one of the mini toggles have one wire with a small blue capacitor or something similar that is activated when you turn the split coil toggle on.
Those capacitors doesn't show on the prs website diagram, and they are connected with a wire to the 3 way switch(not the ground side) but the hot side.
Can you link the diagram you’re referencing? The only one I see on the PRS site is for the Core model.
Yes, that's my reference and doesn't match what I have.
If you look at my pictures, the order of my wiring doesn't match that diagram Deahworlder posted.
From what I can understand there's 2 major changes:
1- Single coil switch on there's a second output with those blue cap's that go to the 3-way switch
2- in humbucker mode the diagram from prs website shows South coil start and North coil finished linked together(as if they were wrapped together), in my wiring it's South Coil Finish and North Coil finished linked together.
3- and one thing that doesn't show in the diagram, just my bridge pickup has the silver bare for grounding, neck doesn't.

Yes they are.
Prs CS just sent me the correct wiring diagram(they haven't published on their website).
I'll post here if someone needs it.
Yes, you're 100% right that the PRS diagram doesnt match whats actually under the hood. There was a discussion about this exact topic a few days ago, with some very useful info gathered if you look either in the General section or the Electric section you will likely find it in the first couple pages.