S2 Vela Satin...??

My most recent PRS guitar has a satin finish on the back of the neck and I dig it.
I know, right? I have a friend who loves the satin finish and wants a Vela in the worst way, he would be on one in a heartbeat. Not really sure why they wouldn't, even just as a limited run.
I'll take a Vela with either finish. At this point I just want to play one. I am hoping my nearby GC will get one in soon.
So I called PRS to inquire about any plans to offer the Vela in the satin finish. Had to leave a voicemail. I missed Shawn's return call but he left a message saying that they do not plan to expand the S2 satin finish to the Vela this year.

Very, very disappointing....:bawling:

So, if anyone else out there want's this like I do, SPEAK UP and let them know there is a demand for this!!
Yep, doing the satin finish on the Vela would very probably tip me into one. A trem of some flavour would be even better.
Is the appeal of satin because it looks nice or because your hand doesn't get stuck on the back of the neck? (Or both?)
Both. I've got a number of guitars with oil / natural finishes and love the look of the wood and the feel. Plus some say letting the wood breathe like that improves tone...
Just saw this thread and YES, I would get ANOTHER S2 Vela if the satin became a reality. This really should be a no-brainer!
After playing the S2 STD24 Satin for awhile, I really do prefer the satin to the regular S2 finish. I'd rock one.
This is a copy/paste of something I just posted in another thread, just thought I'd throw it out there:

Unless I'm vastly underestimating the process, I don't think it would be that difficult for PRS to make some satin finish Velas. I mean, it's an all mahogany guitar, right? Just like the other satin offerings. I would look into the possibility of one the dealers on the forum talking to PRS about a special run of satin Velas. Crazier things have happened.
I will be posting something in the dealer forum next week that will make a few of you very happy.
No!!!!! I thought since someone talked with Shawn that this wasn't a possibility. I just signed a contract with my wife/CFO to not buy a guitar for five years if I got one of the one off colors of the Vela from Daves Guitar. I love the Satin!!! If I read your message correctly...is a five year lay away I breach of my contract?! Can't wait to see what you announce.
Ok I just posted a non cryptic thread in the Dealers section of the forum.

Needless to say. If you want em.....I have some.
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IF the main reason you're wanting the satin finish is because of the smoothness of the neck, why not just lightly sand the back of the neck? I've done this on several of my guitars. If done right it looks good, doesn't detract from the look of the guitar or finish and certainly makes things less sticky. It's not hard to do?