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PRS SC250 Singlecut pickups!?

Hey guys,

I have a 2007 SC250 McCarty burst on the way. I have been playing for 33 years and this is my first PRS singlecut. I have an LP Standard with Suhr Aldrich pickuos I love. I have had a 2001 or 03 McCarty double cut and 2006 Custom 22. I also have my main guitar, a 1994 CE22. Wish I still had my old McCarty and Cu22 but I felt my Les Paul and CE22 sounded better so I moved on. Believe it or not the Alder CE22 with Dragons sounded bigger than my stock 2001 or 03 McCarty.

Looking forward to the SC250.
It comes with Duncan Custom shop Antiquities. The thing is, I am a hard rock and metal guitarist so I plan to install the stock SC250 bridge pickup.

Any opinions on this pickup?
I also love the Tremonti pickup, Suhr Aldrich, Rio Grande BBQ, Duncan Custom, WCR Godwood, Wolfetone Timbrewolf and lots others.

I'll post pics as soon as it arrives in a day or two.

Thanks for listening!
I have a sc250 bridge pickup.....
I play hard rock/metal too. I had the Aldrich set in my 594 Singlecut. They were pretty good and were better than the Duncan JB/59 set I had in it previously. I've since replaced them with Bareknuckle Holy Diver (bridge) and Cold Sweat (Neck) and its a huge improvement. The Aldrich set was great, but it was a little too "dry" for me. I preferred the Holy Diver due to the increased mids. I actually put the stock 58/15 LT pickups back in my other 594 recently and they're not bad for rock/metal and cleans.

I think the main thing with the lower output pickups is that you need to run a high gain amp to get the most out of them for rock/metal. I'm running it through a Mesa Boogie Mark V, so I have plenty of gain on tap. But when I was using them through my Fractal FM9, for some reason they just didn't sound as good as the Aldrich/JB/Holy Divers I had installed. With high output pickups, you can have a lower gain amp or multi-effects unit and usually get away with less gain since the pickups are doing half the work in that case.

Cus of the above, I've recently gotten back into lower output pickups. I just got a Les Paul Standard not too long ago to replace another guitar, and I was surprised by how much I like the Burstbuckers, even though they're lower gain pickups.

To me it seems the Aldrich has a lot of mids, almost too much at times.
I use amps with heavy mids, so I have to keep that in mind. My main amp right now is a 20th Anniversary Bogner Shiva.
The BK Holy Diver is one I have wanted to try. I read that BK pickups can be ultra articulate and some would say stiff. Do you find the Holy Diver to be stiff at all?

I am a big fan of the Tremonti and SC250 pickups as to me they seem very balanced, even a bit dark, but very big sounding. But, they are very hot.

I used to use Burstbuckers in my LP Standard but switched to a Rio Grande BBQ, then a Duncan C-5, Motor City Torque, WCR Goodwood and Fillmore, Guitar Force Rebel Fire, Gibson Bill Lawrence Hb-L, Gibson 498T, and now a Suhr Aldrich. For some reason, I've tried so many pickups in my LP Standard.

Now, I want to try the BK Holy Diver in my Singlecut.

The BK Polymath sounds the most interesting.

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