PRS Pulse Artist Checking in!


New Member
Dec 27, 2022
Hey Everyone,

I don't get in here to post a lot but I love reading and catching up on everyone's thoughts! As a pulse artist since the beginning of the program, I have gotten the opportunity to try out a bunch of new gear. You follow me on youtube for reviews 1459studios in Mpls, MN if you want to see / hear some cool stuff!

I HIGHLY recommend you check out the Pulse Artist program. Saving money on gear is cool, but the community and networking is really where the benefits truly live. Being able to participate in calls, programs, hearing about new gear; it's truly an honor to be on the same roster with these folks. It's been an excellent experience and I hope to continue in 2024!

Either way I will be playing PRS guitars at my recording studio and in my bands! I can't sing the praises enough from this company. The guitars are top notch obviously, but I also love my Archon Amp and their pedals. Proud PRS fanboy playing metal in low tunings!

Thanks and happy Guitar Playing everyone!