Private Stock Friday

Here is today's installment of "Private Stock Friday"

It's like a beauty contest in the spray booth

So now Markie has me thinking. Hmmmmm........................

I wonder (4th one in)............................

what kind of neck on this one Steve?

I think it's IRW. I'll check tomorrow when I'm in my office looking at the worksheet. It is a CU24 tremolo. It has a very distinct diamond pattern inlay on the macassar ebony fretboard, but it's all taped up in the photo.
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I'm cross contaminating my own thread here, but I doubt anyone will mind.

This is a very special guitar made for Carlos Santana and was ordered for him by his lovely bride Cindy. This has quickly become his #1 and you can tell by the play wear. The guitar was sent back to the PTC for a setup and some TLC.



Wow - absolutely gorgeous! Also cool to know that there is a special meaning behind it. Gotta appreciate that kind of stuff.
If that is cross contamination, I volunteer to come in and clean it up. I'll remove any guitar that looks the least bit suspect and there will be no charge - I'm just that kind of helpful guy... :cheers:

Hey, I am pretty sure that Purple one is mine!!

PS 4089, SC Ted with McCarty thickness. A big beefy one piece quilt in Armandos Amethyst with a Burst added. Mine also has Maple Binding around the headstock like that one does. Super lightweight with a smelly Obeche body. (Not smelly anymore, since it is now finished!)

Thanks Shawn, you just made my Friday!!!
Steve that Neck Wood looks as insane as the Cedar!!!! Gonna be a MONSTER!
I talked to my therapist about this thread, maybe I should stop looking at it because of the serious gas problem I'm being treated for....
MOP outlines + black onyx birds need to become the new production bird..... haha