So I posted about how I got from my wife aSilver Sky for Xmas and I ended up sending it back, not my thing. I asked the dealer about trading up for a Tremonti but they had nothing in stock I liked so I thought a refund would work and I would just grab one somewhere else. Found this on the local Marketplace….2020, light use, and sat in the closet for two years the ad said. I believed it when I felt the rust on the strings….dead would be too kind of a word. Cleaned up nicely, little oil on the fingerboard and some new strings and she is clean and mean. Bonus is she cost me a good amount under what comps were listed for on Reverb. Non ten top but she’s cute enough for me.


Now here is where the story gets twisted as the same day I purchase this, in place of the wifes Xmas gift, I learn that after the days of back and forth and we could not agree to me selecting another in its place from dealer stock and none were due in for months, that my refund window passed and the only option to me now is store credit. Cue the cold sweat fear now that my wife will be pissed that this happened. But to her credit, and my eternal gratitude that she didn’t rip me a new one, she said, and meant it, “well looks like it is two new guitars for you!”

So after a few days of studying their inventory I couldn’t make a decision, and decided to really go outside my comfort zone, and not just get one that overlaps what I already had and I decided on something I never had before. A hollowbody. And one I never saw myself owning, but I love it. The neck is perfect, ebony board is smooth and slick. And a Bigsby! So smooth and fun to use. Killer instrument. Not a PRS, but I did get one this week and have done my share to support the cause :cool:

Official name is a MIJ G6120TG Players Edition Nashville Hollow Body, makes me want to learn some Brian Setzer stuff.
Congrats on two very cool guitars!

Let me be the first to request the pics of you and your new pompadour!