NGD - times TWO!!


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Jul 4, 2015
St. Petersburg
Lol, I have tow G's to share today. First, let's go to what we are all here for - PRS guitars!!!!

Most of you know I had a nice stash of guitars that I sold to fund moving and reestablishing life after my wife walked out late last year. Every part of it was sad - her leaving, selling all the gear - BUT, amazing blessings came from me having all the PRS guitars I had. I was able to raise enough money in a couple of days to get a lawyer, put deposits on a new place to live, buy some furniture, get internet, electric...all that good stuff.

Well, this past week I found myself in a spot where I was able to grab a new PRS. I tossed around A LOT of ideas and models - "where do I START rebuilding my collection?"

The Vela??? I LOVE the Vela - but no. I had two already and had NO issue selling them. While one of my FAVORITE PRS guitars, I don't find what it offers totally ESSENTIAL. I only have money to buy ONE right now, and probably for a while, so I better think harder....

Core DC594??? YES!!! I LOVED the one I got last year. It was killer in every way - but sadly, I couldn't swing one new or used. So, I'll save for a while and get that one later - I keep my eyes out for a sweet used 10 top DC594.

Paul's Guitar??? Yeah, one of my absolute favorites. I've had two. I really want another Core with a trem, as that is my preferred version. Thought about the SE, but I want the trem. Out of my price range right now...

Think, man, think....which one hurt your soul to sell???

The CE24 Semi-Hollow!!!!! It offered A LOT of sonic goodness and brings something to the table that you don't have right now. THAT'S the one!!!!

So I ordered it. It came. I photographed it. This is my first photo session since moving into the new place, and I think they came out GREAT! Enjoy!!!

Then....G2, lol. Not REALLY number two, but as we are on a guitar forum, lol....

This is my new girl, Katie!! She has the twangiest Tennessean accent, and a great smile! She is fun beyond belief, makes me laugh, and we've enjoyed everything we've done together. She's a singer and has a nice range. She's very excited that I play and thought the CE24 was the prettiest guitar she has ever seen!

Most of you know I had a nice stash of guitars that I sold to fund moving and reestablishing life after my wife walked out late last year.

Luckily, I did not have to sell off gear when I split from my ex-wife a few years ago. However, I had to give away the contents of my basement workshop. I also gave away all of my firearms. Restarting is never easy, but I am in a better place mentally now. We were one those couples who were/are stuck in a comfort marriage. We earned a very comfortable combined income, but there was little else. Life is too short to have little else in one’s marriage.
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