NGD - times TWO!!

Lovely green machine!

I’m green with envy!

Such a pretty guitar! Glad to hear you have moved on successfully as well, not everyone is so lucky in that regard :)

Thanks! I am blown away by the quality of the top on this CE. Last Eriza Verde I had was an MC58 with an Artist Grade top:

While the CE is NOWHERE near that tight with the figuring, considering the price difference, and the quality of tops I have seen on most CEs - including my $2500 DW (which had a really LAME top) - the top on this CE is killer, lol. I go back and forth on Eriza Verde as a color. I sold the MC58 because I thought it was too garish, but I figured I'd give it another shot!!

@teratotality - Thanks! Moving on hasn't been easy. I loved my wife beyond what I thought possible. Why she walked out I'll never know or understand, but at this point I am happy with where I am in life, and I am happy to be mentally healthy enough to be able to move on, trust again and love again. :)
Both are very nice, though I think G2 is the better find. Congrats ..... x2