PRS Fren
Feb 18, 2021
I was patient. I became aware that these were a thing about 2 years ago. At which point they were sold out or I didn’t like the few stragglers that were available
It finally came: straight from euro
And I friggin love it. Gorgeous satin finish on the entire guitar. I was not aware of this. Almost all my PRS are satin! Coincidence? The feel of the swamp ash grain is great. I know this is very much not your average pretty flame/quilted PRS, but I love it.

Now of course I pimped this baby out!
I did upgrade the pickups by reusing some bare knuckles peacemakers and added black pickup covers to them. I installed a brass MannMade block. Initially I had a steel block but I realized I prefer the sustain and warmth of brass. Locking tuners were a must. As was replacing the electronics to USA grade.

I’ve had SE, S2, CE, and Core custom 24s. This is easily my favorite of the crew. It really feels special. I wish PRS did more blacked out looks on their regular lines. Seems to me you only find them on signature lines.
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All the work you put into it is truly awesome and makes it yours. That guitar seriously satisfies the OCD part of my brain. Congrats!
Locking tuners were causing some neck diving. To be honest I didn’t love them. The post heights were so small that I think the break angles was increased over the nut to a point that was detrimental. Slight tuning issue.
John Mann to the rescue! Submitted the orignal tuners to him. Mailed on Wednesday. Back to me on Friday! Normal post height and all black look maintained. Gotta love MannMade USA!!!

Courtesy of John Manns Guitar vaults. Neck dive resolved with the lighter tuners instead of the gotoh thumbwheel. Kept the regular look. Great $65 spent!