swamp ash

  1. Broseph

    NGD Sandblasted Swamp Ash

    I was patient. I became aware that these were a thing about 2 years ago. At which point they were sold out or I didn’t like the few stragglers that were available It finally came: straight from euro And I friggin love it. Gorgeous satin finish on the entire guitar. I was not aware of this...
  2. S

    This guy discovered a new guitar technique?

  3. Neal Brakey

    (NGD) 2002 PRS Swamp Ash Special

    Hey all! I have been around this thread awhile as I find these forums quite interesting, but I decided to finally sign up, and I felt that it would be a good starter for me to post my new trade. I recently Traded my 2019 Fender American Professional Strat as it just wasn't giving me the sound I...
  4. Skeeter

    Swamp Ash Cu24s

    Anyone have experience with a Cu24 with a swamp ash body? I like Ash in my favorite Strat - a litttle scooped and sparkly. But, not sure how they would work in a H-H PRS. I’m looking at one with high output pickups and a RW neck. I’m thinking maybe it’s gonna be a scooped mids thing for...
  5. JoJo

    408 pickups in a Swamp Ash / Maple guitar

    Hi there, Has anybody tried the 408 pickups in a Swamp Ash body with a Maple cap and a one-piece Maple neck? I’m thinking about a Private Stock Pauls Guitar using those woods... I’m not sure if a Swamp Ash body / Maple neck would sound overly bright and snappy with the 408 pickups. But I...
  6. W

    PRS 513 swamp ash with unusual volume push-switch

    My recently purchased 513 swamp ash came with two custom features.... 1. graphite saddles 2. A volume knob that has a push switch that activates additional tone/pup combinations. Has anyone ever seen this before? I'm still trying to figure out what pup combinations it is activating...
  7. T

    What is swamp ash?

    What is swamp ash, and how does it sound compared to other woods? How would it sound with a maple neck?
  8. Bluesverb

    PTC custom work on my SAS - Narrofwields ROCK!!!!

    WARNING to all. I have had a few ideas that are some what "out of the box thinking". Without posting my resume, problem solving and critical thinking was a major component in my career. I would love to help start a discussion on increasing throughput, reducing shrinkage, and reducing man...