408 pickups in a Swamp Ash / Maple guitar


Sep 6, 2014
Hi there,

Has anybody tried the 408 pickups in a Swamp Ash body with a Maple cap and a one-piece Maple neck? I’m thinking about a Private Stock Pauls Guitar using those woods...

I’m not sure if a Swamp Ash body / Maple neck would sound overly bright and snappy with the 408 pickups. But I imagine that such a guitar would sit nicely between my DGT and my Strats.

Any suggestions or recommendations?

Best regards,

I wouldn't see how 408's would go harsh with that wood change. I don't find my overly bright at all in a Hog/maple cap guitar.
I would expect it to sound like a 408 guitar with a little spank to it, especially in certain pickup/coil tap selections.

Should make a great hybrid guitar IMHO...
You’ll get a little more Fender-like neck pickup sound; the bridge pickup difference may be more oriented toward less lower midrange. Might be subtle, but I have limited sample size.

If you’re looking for a fatter lower midrange on the bridge pickup, with that more Fendery neck pickup, you might consider a maple neck with mahogany body.

Either way, should be stellar.