Yes congrats on getting that one it looks fantastic!Peach are very nice people yo deal with - I've had a couple of PRS's from them and they've always been good and efficient in getting things to you (well packaged too).

It sounds like there are deals around, especially if you're buying from the UK. I think it's partly to do with the current exchange rate on the £ to $ (in favour of the US) - US-made guitars certainly seem to have gone up in price over here recently. Not sure if this is the only factor, but sounds as though there deals out there if you're looking for something.

People should also take a look at Peach's PRS unboxing videos on You tube (other brand unboxings are also available) if you haven't yet - they're seriously addictive, and can help while away the chores of ironing etc!
I assumed the back was opaque black. I was wrong. Under regular room lighting it looks black. Under direct lighting you realize it’s a transparent ebony color. I didn’t know it until I played this morning and noticed how it looked when the sun hit it.

The brown really comes out in sunlight. Makes you realize the entire black burst is transparent. Love that unique twist!
Reminds me of the charcoal color on the SAS SE.
Anybody know what they would call this finish? Is it a charcoal burst? Of course peach only listed it as a custom color. And the modcat code says the same.