PRS Fren
Feb 18, 2021

594 single cut. Great weight at 7 lb 11 oz.
Resonance is crazy good. The price was downright amazing. Somehow, this has lasted at Peach Guitars since March of this year. They have recently dropped the prices nearly £700 as they are blowing out their special run of these (hint hint). I did the math and it came out cheaper for this dealer run brand new than a regular in the USA. I got this gorgeous finish with an ebony fretboard. And it literally shipped to my door in the USA in 24 hours. Here it is making some beautiful noise as Peach guitars records all their unique finish guitars.
I think it’s a nice classy quilt. Not crazy ornate and decently matched for a s2! I’ll mod the electronics and swap pickups to some I prefer. But this is hands down one of the best looking and sounding S2’s I’ve come across.
While I am a sucker for almost any SC594, that top is smoking! Just amazing. Congrats.
Yeah man that's a guitar anybody could be happy with. Great clarity and depth to the quilt too, sometimes you don't get that. IMO if you luck out with an S2 like that I feel like it's kind of an extra victory because they already bring you so close to a core. Deserves some swanky wiring and pickups suited to your taste.