s2 594 mccarty single cut

  1. stankbank

    SE245 … compared to S2 594 SC?

    I own a great SE245. My local music shop announced an elephant grey S2 594 SC for sale for boxing week ($500 off Reg Canadian price). Having not tried the S2….. are these guitars too similar? I read a lot about the S2 not being enough value for the price. I am going to try it later today but...
  2. H

    S2 594 Single Cut Weight Balance on knee

    Hey everyone, I'm brand new to PRS and the forum. I'm absolutely loving everything I see and read about the S2 McCarty 594 Single Cut, but because of supply chain issues and covid and every other bit of wonkyness the world has thrown at us the last 2 years, there are almost none of these guitars...