1. Utkarsh

    Detailed video time: That PS SC245 with One piece quilt and cocobolo goodness

    You may have seen the NGD a few weeks ago. This guitar is of course no stranger to this forum, having been owned previously by MAPete. And so it was a likely candidate for a proper video. Some thoughts - I really wish there were more cocobolo necks around. I think I prefer it to Braz rosewood...
  2. Broseph

    NGD S2 quilt

    594 single cut. Great weight at 7 lb 11 oz. Resonance is crazy good. The price was downright amazing. Somehow, this has lasted at Peach Guitars since March of this year. They have recently dropped the prices nearly £700 as they are blowing out their special run of these (hint hint). I did the...
  3. N

    Sophie Burrell's PRS Custom 24 Wood Library Finish

    I was interested to learn what the finish is on Sophie Burrell's PRS Custom 24 Wood Library Guitar. You have to find a still photo to understand how nice the maple top is. It looks like a Quilt Custom Color, which is way beyond a Custom 24 Core Model with a Ten Top. It seems to be similar to an...
  4. Julian

    Non 10 Top quilts/wood library?

    What’s goodie, Was wondering if PRS made Core guitars with quilt tops that aren’t 10 Tops or Wood Library.
  5. Utkarsh

    Unexpected NGD: 2011 PS Signature Limited, 2013 Paul's guitar

    So folks it's been a long day so don't mind me if I doze off in the middle of this. As you know , I got a Modern Eagle V not too long ago, which as you can imagine has sent me down a rabbit hole of guitars with 408 pickups (Paul's , 408s, Signature Limited etc). There had been two guitars that...