NGD!!!!! PRS S2 Singlecut Egyptian Gold plus Updated PRS Family pic!


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Mar 7, 2023
By the end of 2022 I didn't considered myself a PRS guy. Had a 594 DC Core that I sold, a Silver Sky Core that I also sold (although both were awesome but couldnt justify keeping them vs other guitars, although liked them a lot)

But earlier this year decided to give it another try but with different expectations (wanted the 594 to be a les paul and its not!), and also to try a 25 scale length PRS.

Got a Paul's Guitar SE and wow! That guitar changed all to me.

Then I grabbed a 1999 McCarty with Lolar P90, then a DGT showed up at a good price and I actually was waiting for a DG SE to arrive here in my country, and the Core appeared and went for it.

I was very happy with my PRS's and guitar collection and being honest didnt need any other guitar, and actually I would say that I have more than I would need to cover different tones and vibes.

But since I have become so much a PRS guy now, for the first time I wanted to add more guitars but to have them as collection. So was thinking to get a singlecut PRS (a 594 again), either SE or S2. Had no rush at all and only was going to move forward if the right one and right price came along.
Also later would like an SE silver sky again but with maple, and also an SE Hollowbody might also want to grab one.

An S2 594 DS showed recentty at a great price, but still was more than I wanted to pay, but I could grab an SE 594 new for less, plus the color didnt do much for me.

Then this 2016 Singlecut S2, Egyptian Gold showed up at a very good price! (same price here as the SE 594 Standard New is selling), and wow, loved the color, loved the price, was singlecut, just ticked all the boxes. I really wasnt expecting at this time to get another PRS, more likely by the end of the year. Plus I actually prefer that is a 25 scale length. nothing wrong with the 594 length, but I have a Les Paul type guitar already than Im more than happy, and like the idea of having a PRS singlecut being more PRS and not so much LP oriented.

It arrived today and I have to say WOW. As the other ones, this PRS is just amazing. I inmediately loved it! Felt like I had this guitar for some time already. Instant connection.

The color in person is gorgeous! Plays so stupidly well, and regarding the SE vs S2 thing. Yeah, I can notice the difference vs the SE. And is mostly the finish, cos it is like the same they use on the Core, so it gives me that same feel. I can see now the appeal of the S2. But still I adore my SE and I would be happy even if I just had an SE PRS. All 3 series are really fantastic.

The pickups were swapped for a set called Organic Mirror Redemption, from a Chilean manufacturer. These are more high gain pickups, I can notice in particular the more modern vibe (im much more of a traditional kind of guy), but for high gain wow, this guitar sounds fantastic. Loved the bridge pickup. Might be a competitor for the SD JB, something like that I would think. But its great to have this tone on one of the PRS's. Although might put some vintage pickups on this S2 and put this higher gain pickups on the SE, cos that one gives me a more higher gain vibe cos of the looks and also being DC. But will see later on.

Changed the toogle switch for a white one I had around (like it more than black) and will change the pickup rings for white or cream later on (the black doesn do it for me very much hehehe).

Very happy and the PRS family is still growing!! And I have to say I am really a PRS guy now! hehehe







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Egyptian Gold is a great shade of gold top.
Congrats and HNS2GTD!
Indeed! In person this is really stunning color! Even seems sparkle sometimes.

Love it! What’s next? :)

It seems by the end of the year Silver Sky SE Maple will arrive here, and I am interested in one of those, cos finally colors I really like!

Also later on would like the NF53 and also the SE Hollowbody looks very interesting as well.

Will see! No rush at the moment.