NGD 594 SC Semi-hollow

Dave your the perfect person to ask this.. are the 594 pickups balanced, in volume I mean, I'm finding at prs spec heights that my neck pickup is more like my bridge turned down a bit, to 7-8 with neck on 10.

Adjust height to your preference. Use spec as a guideline, each guitar, rig, and player are different. A turn or even quarter turn can make a surprising difference.
I think @SinSir nailed it.
Yes, for me the pups are nicely balanced. Which model/year do you have?
OK... just got home with this baby.
This is a 2019 594 singlecut semi-hollow Artist Package in Black Gold wrap. This thing is so mint, it looks completely un-played!
About 7.5lbs
Ebony fretboard.

Now you know what those 5815 LT + pups are destined to live in.
Some hasty pics...

Time to play!

What a top!! Those abalone birds look incredible !!
Someone buy this before I start running numbers:
Someone buy this before I start running numbers:
The Good Old "Hate To Do It But My Needs Changed" Line...

Do It!