NGD 594 SC Semi-hollow

OK... just got home with this baby.
This is a 2019 594 singlecut semi-hollow Artist Package in Black Gold wrap. This thing is so mint, it looks completely un-played!
About 7.5lbs
Ebony fretboard.

Now you know what those 5815 LT + pups are destined to live in.
Some hasty pics...

Time to play!
Was watching this exact specimen at one point before I decided to go with an HBII - great snag and a beauty of a guitar!
Wow. That it stunning!

Not sure if all the McCarty Artist Package models are like yours but IMO the Phase III tuners are way better than the vintage version.

Congrats and waiting for a tone report!
Preliminary report...
Test done on bridge pup, using a MBritt Fender profile 67 Reverb totally clean but cranked.
The SC Semi has more sustain than the HB and the WL.
It also has more girth in the low end.
The SC will happily offer feedback if desired in this setting.
Went around the 3 twice.
Very very good...
Dave your the perfect person to ask this.. are the 594 pickups balanced, in volume I mean, I'm finding at prs spec heights that my neck pickup is more like my bridge turned down a bit, to 7-8 with neck on 10.