Forum GAS Support - Semi-hollow 594 questions


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Feb 13, 2022
I was recently bitten by the semi-hollow bug via Ben Eller and Phil McKnight YouTube videos. They frequently talk about the versatility of their PRS hollow-bodies. Ben Eller did a great job in his 2021 video highlighting 5 of his favorite guitars and shows the hollow-body is even great for more aggressive tones, which is where my interests are.

I already have most of my PRS bases covered DC594, SC594, Tremonti, and even a recent addition of a SC594 soapbar (AMAZING!). This group covers all of my tonal needs and I find the 594 platform to be perfect for me. The pickups are incredible. I love the neck carve and body thickness. So I fully recognize, I am in "want" territory with any additional purchases.

My recent obsession is going after a rosewood neck SC594, potentially a semi-hollow body. There seems to be a lot of love on the forums for rosewood necks though I have not yet played on one. I like the idea of the lighter weight though I am concerned about a potential trade-off with low end. How should I think about a semi-hollow vs a solid body, specifically as it applies to aggressive tones (i.e. boosted SLO or 5150)? Would a semi-hollow SC be similar in tone to a DC or is it kind of a mid-point between a SC and DC? I really hope the combined forum wisdom can help me out with another bought of GAS :)
I had a 594 HBII and I couldn't tell the difference between my SC594 SB and the HB so I sold it to get a MEV. Sorry, I can't help you more.

But, your SC594 looks identical to my 2020 SC594. I love that thing and it was the one I pulled out and played today!
If anything, instead of robbing your low end, more hollow body construction will do the opposite: decrease your high-end harmonic response. It will also increase your air and note bloom. I find rosewood necks will dampen highs also, so going semi hollow AND rosewood neck will round the tonal character in its own direction, but possibly further. I love semihollows. Their only weakness is a tendency to not give up pinch harmonics as easily. Perhaps a higher gain set of pickups could handle that.
I love semi hollows , I have the Special and Walnut LTD , and I several other ( 335,339,356 Gibbys) they add a fullness to the sound that solidbodies just don't have. My HBII is a dream as well.. I would go demo a few and see if they feel right.