NGD - 2020 S2 McCarty 594 - Burnt Amber Burst


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Mar 15, 2018
Didn't post NGD when I got the guitar, but it definitely deserves one, even if just for pics. This post was delayed because I got the Thinline right after, and I liked it even more. When we were all discussing what we wanted to see in a new SE model, my hope was for a 594. That would have been cool, but a S2 version came out immediately after that, so I eagerly jumped on this beauty right away.

The sound is vintage LP like, also with a tight, focused, modern flavor. A beautiful player, with great harmonics, and versatile enough to cover just about any style. I was, and still am stoked about this guitar, killer clean or classic/hard rock sounds from the humbuckers, and great single coil sounds, especially loving the middle pup switch position with both pups split. I really like the color too, reminds me of the Black Gold on my Cu22.




I would love to try a thin line. But those tuners, they’d have to go immediately.
That’s a really beautiful guitar, and the kind you would gig the brains out of knowing exactly what it will give you every single time. The S2’s are the red haired stepchildren of the PRS line.
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The feel and comfort of both is just about the same, excellent, and they both look great and sound great, the Thinline is a bit lighter and slightly thinner body. I prefer the sound of the Thinline, it has a smoother, more complex mid-range sound that just seems more mellow/woolly, compared to this one.

Here is the NGD for the Thinline
Awesome, thanks for that info. I think I see a thinline in my near future!!
So as a Thinline Fan ... can you see a Thinline with a flamed veneer top ? Something that would not massively change the form-factor, but maybe add about 3/8" in thickness to accommodate a very thin maple cap, with a flamed veneer ?

I have the same guitar, and love it. I would however like "flame" without the mass of the DC or SC 594's ...

It would give me an excuse to buy another one ...

BTW I find the tuners better than the SE lockers I have installed. Just learn how to wrap ...