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mccarty 594

  1. B

    Top wrapping a McCarty 594?

    Has anyone tried to top wrap a McCarty 594? I come from a background of playing mostly Les Pauls, and like to top wrap them for a more slinky feeling. I already use 8s, and prefer not to go any higher in string gauge. If you have would you let me know how to go about it on the McCarty 594...
  2. J

    2019 594 Semi-Hollow

    Anyone??? https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/prs-mccarty-594-semi-hollow.2437982/
  3. J

    Anyone Willing to Sell a 594 Semi-Hollow?

    Looking for one of the ones they released in 2019 or 2020 that have the phase three locking tuners and a rosewood fretboard. Would love to discuss if anyone is interested in selling.
  4. D

    John Mayer “Honey” McCarty

    So I’ve been spending quite a lot of time and effort trying to figure out this guitar, mainly the electronics/wiring. I emailed PRS directly about the mini switches, and what they told me was that the guitar has “an overall coil tap and a ‘neck switch position selector’. Does anyone know what...
  5. Prina

    NGD - S2 McCarty Singlecut, getting black pickup rings

    This is my introduction to PRS guitars. I got back into playing a few years back, having played mostly a LP Deluxe from the fretless wonder era and a MIJ swamp ash Tele with Texas Special pups. Nice axes but, having drunk the Fractal Cool-Aid for the last year and noting how many of those the...
  6. Broseph

    S2 594 McCarty Mods thread

    I’m a huge fan of modding lower levels PRS guitars. Make them yours. Let me see your modifications to the PRS S2 594 guitars. I’ll start with my latest and greatest. I was tempted to put in 58/15 LT pickups but held off since that’s what my McCarty core (non 594) comes with stock Core vintage...
  7. M

    McCarty 594 2017 vs 2020 Changes

    Hello, Forgive me if it’s been asked before, but was hoping some people could weigh in on their opinions of the older McCarty 594s vs the post-2020 ones with the updates / changes. I’m aware the main differences are nitro finish, TCI Pickups, tuners, and maybe the bridge. Do you think a used...
  8. A

    Happy New Gear Day! Well it was a happy NGD… until I took pics

    https://i.imgur.com/hukJ4zq.jpg https://i.imgur.com/QetIFS4.jpg https://i.imgur.com/iuZQ9S0.jpg https://i.imgur.com/KLaFNIa.jpg Stoked to have gotten this one off 594 thinline in surf green until while I was taking these pics I dropped my silicone encased phone on the guitar while trying to...
  9. Julian

    McCarty 594 Scale Length Confirmation

    Hello all, I was wondering if someone had both a McCarty 594 and proper tools to measure the scale length. I measures 12.25" between the fretboard side of the nut and the top of the 12th fret. I'm just wondering if they're being legit with the measurements/just a marketing scheme, or if there's...
  10. DrReiCow

    NGD: Wood Library McCarty 594

    My first PRS! 2021 Wood Library 594 with flame maple 10-top, Brazilian rosewood fretboard, East Indian rosewood neck, mahogany back, in indigo violet finish. :) Moo
  11. matthew_co

    Cosmetic Inlay Issues?

    Hi everyone; first time poster here. So I recently purchased a gorgeous Wood Library McCarty 594. Overall the guitar looks and plays great. My one issue is with the inlay work, which of course doesn’t affect the playability in any way. I hate to say it, but it looks…sloppy, and for a $5k guitar...
  12. shimmilou

    NGD - 2020 S2 McCarty 594 - Burnt Amber Burst

    Didn't post NGD when I got the guitar, but it definitely deserves one, even if just for pics. This post was delayed because I got the Thinline right after, and I liked it even more. When we were all discussing what we wanted to see in a new SE model, my hope was for a 594. That would have been...
  13. C

    Have CE24 but looking for a Core: CU24 or 594?

    I got my first taste of PRS from a CE24 Semi-hollow. The quality is superb, I can't wait to get my hands on PRS's flagship Core line. Initially I had my eyes set on CU24 but I went to a guitar store and played a McCarty 594. It was equally mind-blowingly good. I thought I liked Pattern Thin...
  14. D

    Pick of the litter

    Curious how this shakes out. Please vote!
  15. startedwithone

    Catalog of Mayer's Dead and Co. Guitars

    Post all you know re JM's guitars on stage with Dead & Company. I hope this is the first time this has been done, I don't mean to copy anyone... Focus is on non-stock Super Eagles and his McCarty models, etc. (but feel free to talk about the Super Eagles too). Stay Grateful (~):]
  16. Mozzi

    PRS McCarty 594 vs PRS McCarty SC 594

    Came across this video comparing the two side by side in a mix - no talking, just playing... Thought it was great and thought it was worth sharing here as its a question that gets asked...
  17. Ovibos

    S2 594 “shootout”

    Not so much a shootout but a demo of all 3 with same exact amp & recording setup. To my ears, the more body wood, the less it cuts - less treble. The more wood, more meaty. The thinline really separates in sound from the other two.
  18. HoovHead

    Mounting Posts for McCarty 594 Bridge

    I have a 2019 PRS McCarty 594 semi-hollow and it sounds and plays great. I was wondering about the method used to attach the bridge post screws to the body. The bridge sits on two posts. These posts are machine screws that accommodate the up and down height adjustment using two thumb screws. Do...
  19. Karan D. Taktawala

    594 Mounting rings

    So I finally took my pickup covers off, purely playing reasons, I think they sound more raw and open this way. The issue now is the bridge ring is pretty shallow so the pickup is sticking out and looking ..... not good! Any ideas where I can find decent rings that will fit a 594
  20. E

    S2 singlecut vs Mccarty 594

    Hi guys! Long time lurker posting for the first time lol I am trying to decide weather the S2 or the Mccarty is right for me. Here is the background, I play as a hobby only, and I usually have around 1 to 2 hours every week to jam by myself. I don’t gig or play in band at all. So Here is the...